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A battle takes place every single day Not in other countries, Not far away This battle consumes and destroys One captain is happy and over joyed He thinks he has won But the fight is far from over Because I trust the Son. The battle is inside of us all Old, Young, Short and Tall […]

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The Journey

  I started along my desolate path, Wishing there was a shorter way to take, The trail ahead seemed so dull and forlorn, There was a dismal sensation I just couldn’t shake.   For so many miles I walked alone, I trudged along till the pain I couldn’t bear, With gasping breaths I collapsed to […]

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The Cross

The cross is a symbol everyone knows Shown to us a long time ago For most it really means nothing But to me, it means everything Jesus came from up above No sin, white as a dove He walked with us He talked with us He performed miracles never seen before Yet, we crucified him […]

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