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Doctrine in 5 Minutes

What have we learned?

Some people are new to Revive, some have been here a while, and others hit or miss the group. I thought this would be a great time to recap what we have learned so far in a quick summary.

Trinity: God Is

We learned that God is three in one. He lives in perfect community with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They are all equally God even though there are authority differences. The Son is obedient to His Father. We learned God needs no one, but Himself. He does not rely on our worship or our being. He is perfect and forever.

Revelation: God Speaks

We talked about how God speaks. He communicates with Himself through the Trinity. He speaks to us verbally, through ministry, gift of the Spirit, and scripture. We know that what we have today is what was written thousands of years. We know this from carbon dating documents that have been discovered recently that mark these texts from that time period and verify what we have currently in our Bibles. We also can verify what is written in scripture by looking at other historical documents that verify historical events. As Christians we believe in sola scripture, meaning that scripture has the highest authority and is truth. We believe that other writings and people can speak truth but scripture is the hierarchy of all.

Creation: God Makes

During this study we learned about the six views of creation: Historic Creationism, Young-earth Creationism, The Gap Theory, Literary Framework View, Day-Age View, and Theistic Evolution. We talked about scriptural support and lack of support for these theories. The most important doctrine that we learned in this section was: open and closed handed issues. Open hand would be how God created the earth, closed handed would be God created the earth. This open and closed idea has followed us through all of our studies.

Image: God Loves

God created all. He created the earth, insects, fish, water, beasts, stars, the sky, planets, but He saved His most special creation for us, humans. He made us in His image. He made us to love, to care, to laugh, to play, to work, to enjoy, to live. Humans were made perfect in the image of God. People talk about original sin, but when God created us He made us original design was innocent, pure of heart. The only thing that was not good when all of creation was completed was that God had not yet made a companion for Adam. So God makes it clear from the beginning that man is made to be in community. To be like God. Not to be God, not to become God, but to be like God.

Fall: God Judges

We just said that man was made originally innocent. Then man believed the original lie. Every sin comes from the belief in a lie. We believe we know what is best so we lie, steal, hurt others because we believe we have something to gain. We worship idols because we believe they are better than our God. We have sex our own way because we believe the lie that our way, let’s be honest, satan’s ways are better than God’s way. We take the fruit that is sin because we believe that God is withholding from us a good and perfect gift.

Covenant: God Purses

This sin that was formed from the belief in a lie created a void between us and God. God is perfect Holy and Just. He cannot be in the presence of sin and withhold justice. Therefore, He wanted to create a way for there to be a way to get back to us, to be in community with us once again. The resolution was sacrifice. Blood had to be shed so that justice could be poured out. Animals were not good enough, but they foreshadowed a time when a perfect and blameless God-Man would come and shed His blood for His people and save them from eternal separation from the Father. A covenant is a promise and an agreement made between God and men and women. He makes a promise that He will come and set them from slavery of sin and He will become their God and them His people.

Incarnation: God Comes

This is the beginning of the covenant. The wrapping of God in human flesh. We believe that Jesus is fully God and fully man. To extend one over the other is dangerous, just is with other forms of doctrine. To emphasis Jesus is man is to say that Jesus was a good man, He was a good prophet, a good teacher. It is too ignore the teachings of Christ. Christ proclaimed that He was God. Today, if a man claimed to be God and was teaching some pretty cool things, you would label him crazy, yet we treat Jesus differently in this belief. To emphasis Jesus is God, is to say that Jesus is a faker. He is like a superman who really didn’t hurt, feel loss, get frustrated, became angry, felt hunger. He was a big faker, He pretended to be in pain, He pretended everything that happened and in this belief we see that Christians become fakers. There is danger with emphasizing one over the other. That is why it is so important to not allow a lie to creep into your doctrine of the Gospel. Our Gospel is like a vacuum, if there is a leak in your vacuum you no longer have the Gospel.

Cross: God Dies

This week we discussed how God completed our salvation. He, on the cross, completed everything for us. He made the way. We do nothing in acts of our salvation. To say that you do, that you chose God is to say that you played a part in your salvation that God did most of it but you had to do a little to complete it. Jesus on the cross screamed “It is finished!” Our salvation was completed. If you are reading this your salvation was created before you were born. The Alpha and Omega knew your every thought, your every motive, and your every sin and yet still died so that you might live in community with Him forever.

Resurrection: God Saves

The resurrection is the corner stone of Christianity. In the bible it says to disprove the resurrection is to make Christians look like fools. What we do is silly if there is no resurrection. The bible holds this up and says, “Look at me under a microscope, scrutinize my every claim you find me perfect in blameless”.  The proof that resurrection occurs is that there were over 500 eye witness that saw the resurrection. There is no other explanation for the explosion of Christianity. The disciples who claimed to see Jesus resurrect were all given a chance to say it wasn’t true or die. They all choose death. People do not die for a lie. Many people in history have died for a lie, but none of them knew it was a lie when they died or they would not have died.

Church: God Sends

The response to this message is to tell others. Joy is never completed until it is shared. Think about it, if you go and see the best movie in the world, what is your first response? You call someone and tell them to go see it. Why? So you can share the joy. Share the excitement. What is the first thing people do when they become engaged? They scream it to the whole world! To share their joy is to complete the joy. The church is about completing this joy that we have in the grace that Jesus showers us with. We feel it in our souls that we need community to share in this joy. To help others do not have it. To help those that are hurting. To be there for those who need someone to mourn with. To feed those that are hungry. This is all because our Lord says what you do to the lest of these you have done for me. The church is to be the Lord’s hands and feet.

Worship: God Transforms

Romans 12:1-2 “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.  Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is —his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Worship is what happens when God gets in your mind. Our God is a God of reason. That is why Jesus is called the logos, the Word. When the Holy Spirit comes in to your mind and trashes your idea of the way you are suppose to live and transforms it to the way God meant it to be, worship happens. Worship is living life. Everyone here is made worshipping. You do not have a choice. You either worship God or you worship idols. Even atheists worship. You live for your job, you worship your job. You live for sex, you worship sex. Have you ever heard someone say, “If I don’t get this I am going to go out and get plastered.” They are really saying this idol sustains me and if it fails I have no purpose. If my marriage fails I am going to die. I will kill myself. We have all heard stories of this happening. People worship and they don’t have a choice. When you realize this, when this is finally revealed to you by the Holy Spirit who gives people ears to hear and eyes to see, then your life is transformed. You no longer conform to the patterns of this world. You no longer view sex the same way. Nor do you eat the same way. Nor do you work the same way. You stop worshipping these things and start worshipping the Creator of these things. When this happens, when this transformation occurs, joy settles in and worship begins.

….Coming soon

Stewardship: God Gives

Kingdom: God reigns


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