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There is no question. Somehow, all of us know this to be truth; whether we declare it with our words or if we hold it deep within ourselves, reluctant to give voice to the actuality we’re afraid to admit. All of us know; we were born to know. God is sovereign.

Many people deceive themselves, forcing a falsehood to take residence in the area of the soul in which truth lies. Such attempts only produce dissension and will not promote a fully submissive and open spirit. We must give it to Him. The truth remains that God is sovereign.

Hurt. Loss. Betrayal. Brokenness. God is sovereign.

We experience so much pain, whether it be emotional or spiritual, we endure so much hurt and sorrow, misery and hopelessness, that we wonder why it’s not visible to the rest of the world in the form of cuts or bruises. We feel deeply. We love deeply. But we also hurt deeply. But God remains sovereign.

Upon going through times of hurt and despair, I have gone from standing with my fists clenched tightly, boldly refusing to let the pain get me down, to being unable to speak for shock from losing someone, to curling up within myself for protection whenever I got hurt. Comparatively, I thought to myself more than once, immense physical pain would have been so much more welcome. On every such occasion, I took it upon myself to protect my heart. I believed God would protect me and my loved ones. To a point. But doubts reigned. Why should God concern Himself with trivial matters, such as the whimsical emotions of my pain-ridden self? God has always been sovereign.

We must remember this. No matter how insignificant we think our pain to be, God knows. God cares. We must, however, give our hearts and broken dreams fully and devotedly to Him rather than fixing them ourselves. We are not capable of fixing emotional and spiritual brokenness. He won’t, however, merely fix them. He will craft something new and beautiful out of the fragile shards. He will forge them to a stronger mold, polish them to a more brilliant hue, He will imprint His mark. He will heal. He is All-powerful.

He is sovereign.

-Sarah Halbrook-


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One Comment on “Sovereignty”

  1. Rich June 19, 2012 at 3:18 pm #

    This is so true; and the longer I live, the more sure of it I am. As wonderful as it is when God carries us through the big crises – death of loved ones, loss of job, etc. – the truly awesome experiences are those smaller secret aches, emptiness, and disappointments when “God’s love catches us by surprise… embracing us in the way that satisfies our need at the time we need it the most.”

    In moments of deepest despair, the Lord has come through, wrapping me in His love and peace, like a warm wave lifting me up… I didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh. But at those moments I know with certainty that my story hasn’t ended and all will be well.

    Thanks be God! He has been, is, and always will be sovereign.

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