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The Journey


I started along my desolate path,

Wishing there was a shorter way to take,

The trail ahead seemed so dull and forlorn,

There was a dismal sensation I just couldn’t shake.


For so many miles I walked alone,

I trudged along till the pain I couldn’t bear,

With gasping breaths I collapsed to the ground,

Indulging my senses in my strong self-despair.


I reached out for something to hold on to.

Would I have to scream for someone to come?

I looked straight ahead, as if the dark wasn’t alive,

What I saw then might not have bothered some.


A pinpoint of light in the shadows was there,

Most might’ve considered it a good sign.

But I thought of it as a curse, a trick;

For what through this horrible darkness can shine?


The ember of the night stared me in the face,

Drawing closer with a hazy glow,

I shrank from it in absolute fear,

There was nowhere I could go.


I forced myself to stand my ground,

Though my heart quivered with fear,

My muscles heaved in weariness,

Somehow, I sensed that my end was very near.


Suddenly, from out of nowhere, You appeared,

You leapt out protectively, your back to me, Your hands reached out,

I recognized You, but I knew You not,

Though You’ve always known my every thought and doubt.


You seized the spark, cradling it in Your palms,

Turning back toward me, Your smile spread wide,

You knelt down before me, Your hands opening to reveal,

The ember I’d feared, and whose purity I’d denied.


You looked at me reassuringly, and with a nod you said;

“Take this gift and know just how much I care for you.”

Hesitantly, I lifted my hand and touched it to Yours,

It was then that I realized, everything about You was true.


You tilted Your hand, letting the spark fall into mine,

The ember dimmed instantly, I thought I was causing it to die,

You groaned softly, did You feel the ember’s pain?

A tear rolled down Your cheek, my heart wrenched. I can’t bear to see You cry.


How awful am I, to have accepted such a gift!

For the exchange was for my pain, for all of my grief,

My Hero, my Rescuer, how could You believe,

That I am worthy for this, that I deserve this relief?


I knelt down to You, trying to see through my tears,

I clutched the once-living ember, that died because of me,

“I’m not worthy of Your gift,” I sobbed.

“There’s no way I can ever be free.”


I pushed my closed hands to You, my head bowed in shame,

I felt You open my hands, and then heard You say;

“Look up, My child, I want you to know,

That you will for the first time, see the brilliant light of day.”


I raised my eyes, and let them rest upon Your kind face,

“Watch here,” You whispered. “Come out of your mire,”

Then You blew on the ember, bringing it to life,

“Look here, for what was once a spark, is now a fire!”


The spark erupted into flames, consuming my hands,

But I had no fear, I felt no pain,

The inferno spread all over my body, Your fire consumed my evil,

On my skin Your healing blood was forever stained.


My world came to life.

For the first time the darkness was nowhere in sight,

My aches and hurts were gone,

For I had been saved by Your Light.


It has been many years now, since that day when You found me,

My journey here has almost come to an end,

I look back in wonder, my King, and I marvel,

At how You ever came to me, and asked me to be Your friend.


Lord, how have I gotten this far?

What has happened that has sped up time?

For now when I look at my heart’s poem,

I see that You are the one who completed the last rhyme.

By: Sarah Halbrook



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