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Paddle for Wells

Dear Revive readers,

My name is Josh Tart and I am the face behind the “paddle for wells” project.

I left Cincinnati, Ohio almost ten months ago on my sixteen foot Ocean Kayak and have been living out of it ever since, having paddled 3,000 miles to date. The entire idea was to have an adventure while raising money and awareness for the water crisis that currently grips over a billion lives. I’ve been working with Charity: Water to build clean water wells throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America. 100% of our donations go to building a well, and a year and a half after we donate, I will have photos and gps coordinates for the project we help build. Below is a short video about the water crisis and how Charity: Water is trying to help…

Together I believe that we can make a big difference somewhere in the world; my current campaign ends on the last day of June and we have currently raised $3,275 since the first of April. My prayer is that we can fund one entire well by the end of June, which amounts to $5,000, so continue to donate as able, ask friends and family to contribute this month and forward my project’s website to everyone you know. My website is paddleforwells.com, and there you will find a daily blog of my trip, pictures, a real time gps tracker and most importantly the info for donating to Charity: Water. I’m currently typing this on my iphone, sitting in my hammock on a little island outside of Swansboro, NC. My access to electricity is often limited, but I hope to be able to update ya’ll on this newsletter frequently. Keep an eye out for my updates and I will look forward to continuing this project with your help!

– Josh Tart


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