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The Cross

The cross is a symbol everyone knows
Shown to us a long time ago
For most it really means nothing
But to me, it means everything
Jesus came from up above
No sin, white as a dove
He walked with us
He talked with us
He performed miracles never seen before
Yet, we crucified him not knowing what he had in store
He died a perfect man and God in the same
I drop to my knees and shout his precious name
Many will give some, Some will give all
Nothing compares though, I stand in awe
This cross has changed my life,
I thank God every single night
He took a broken, undeserving man
Saved and holding him in the fathers hand
Hell would be a right and just fit
But God is as merciful as it gets
No way to repay the debt that I owe
Just live the life and let Jesus’ love show

-Ross Spigner-


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